The tenure track is appropriate for faculty who make contributions to the research mission of IU School of Medicine. Although research does not have to be the chosen area of excellence, one must show satisfactory in the area of research on the tenure track. Typically, faculty who spend a large amount of time on patient care are not appointed to the tenure track. Scholarship is a main focus of faculty on the tenure track.

Areas of Excellence

Tenure track faculty may go up for promotion and tenure based on excellence in research, service, or teaching. In addition, the faculty member must demonstrate satisfactory in the other two areas.


Excellence in research, service, or teaching

Satisfactory in the other two areas

About the Timeline While on the Tenure Track

Note that there are two options for formative review under the nine-year clock. A formative review will be conducted in year three.  The fifth year is a decision point. During year five, faculty may either undergo a second formative review or may elect to submit their dossier and apply for tenure and promotion. Those choosing the second formative review in year five may submit their dossier for promotion and tenure during year six or year seven. Faculty members will be notified by Faculty Affairs about the need to submit either the full or abbreviated dossier at the five-year point. Achieving tenure is required in order to remain in a current faculty position at IU School of Medicine.


Neelam Chand

Executive Director for Faculty Affairs

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To arrange a consultation regarding promotion and tenure contact Neelam Chand or Kenya Alexander .


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