2020-2021 Promotion and Tenure Cycle 

Due to the disruption from the crisis and the difficulty this may pose for candidates, department chairs, primary committees and external reviewers, the following changes will be made to process for the coming cycle only:
  • IU School of Medicine’s deadline for dossiers has been extended to August 10.
  • All faculty members anticipated to undergo review for promotion and/or tenure in the 2020-21 cycle can opt in to a one-year extension, provided this is supported by the department chair.
  • This optional extension applies to tenure and non-tenure track faculty and faculty members who have already received prior tenure clock extensions.
  • The request and approval process for the one-year extension will be streamlined.
    •  Department chairs should email Mary Dankoski (mdankosk@iu.edu) and Melody Darnall (mldarnal@iu.edu) with the names of all faculty members requesting an extension.
    •  Copies of CVs and formal request letters will not be required.
  • For faculty members proceeding with the promotion and tenure review in the coming cycle, six external letters are still required. However, please reach out if after a good faith effort, you have difficulty in obtaining all six letters.  We will review those instances on a case-by-case basis in partnership with the campus faculty affairs office.
  • For all other pre-tenure faculty members, significant disruption due to the coronavirus crisis will be an allowable reason to request a tenure clock extension. Such requests should be made in future years once the extent of disruption is better known. These requests would follow the normal approval/request process.

Your guide to navigating the process of Promotion and Tenure at the Indiana University School of Medicine.


FAPDD offers promotion and tenure office hours from 9am-11am on the third Tuesday and the 4th Wednesday of each month, available on Zoom (in-person office hours have been suspended due to COVID restrictions). Promotion and tenure office hours provide faculty members an opportunity to receive feedback and advice about the promotion and tenure process, including review of their materials. No appointment necessary. Contact Melody Darnall (mldarnal@iu.edu) with questions.


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Neelam Chand

Executive Director for Faculty Affairs