Faculty Searches and Hiring

Updated: September 1, 2022
Requests for paid faculty recruitment and offers require Dean’s office review and approval prior to execution of an offer letter or MOU. Please complete the appropriate Fire Form https://iusmfinancial-fireform.eas.iu.edu/online for faculty recruitment, offer, hire, and salary increases.


Recruitment Information

Questions about Faculty Recruitment and People Admin? Contact Faculty Recruiting at iusmhire@iu.edu.


Search Waiver / Exception Requests

Offer Process

Questions about Offer Letters and Hiring Proposals? Contact the Faculty Systems team at acadadmn@iu.edu.

Offer Letter Cover Sheets

Offer Letter Required Templates

Offer Letter Enclosures

Appointment Documents

Questions about Appointment documentation and eDocs? Contact the Faculty Systems team at acadadmn@iu.edu.

Melody Braun

Associate Director of Faculty Systems