A faculty learning community for educators in the health professions

IU School of Medicine Faculty Affairs, Professional Development, and Diversity (FAPDD) and IU School of Medicine Office of Educational Affairs are sponsoring faculty learning communities (FLC) on educational scholarship in the health professions. Join a community of 4-6 faculty members with shared interest in a med Ed research area such as: competency-based education, curriculum threads, diversity and unconscious bias, and GME to faculty pipeline.



  • Produce conference presentations, MedEd Portal submissions and/or scholarly manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals
  • Network formally and informally with other IU School of Medicine faculty interested in educational scholarship


Why join?

  • Create a support network of faculty interested in conducting education scholarship
  • Find other faculty interested in conducting research on specific educational topics
  • Improve your skills in education scholarship
  • Learn more about available institutional resources to conduct educational scholarship



Meeting Structure

FLC members will participate in two meetings each month.

  • Monthly Meeting #1: All RIME FLC Meeting
    • Purpose: to build research and scholarship skills
    • Available online via Zoom and recorded
    • The educational seminar is open to members from all FLCs
    • Topics are chosen with input from FLC members, such as conversations with medical education journal editors or workshops on research methods
    • The meeting is planned by the Office of Educational Affairs’ RIME Division and FAPDD


  • Monthly Meeting #2: Community Meeting
    • Purpose: individual FLC working group
    • Available online via Zoom and recorded
    • Facilitators and members will collaboratively develop meeting agendas based on the goals set forth in members’ applications
    • The group may conduct short writing sprints, check-in on goals or (if all working on the same project) use the time for data analysis or other project tasks.


Membership Types

Committee Members: Committee members are representatives from the Office of Educational Affairs and Faculty Affairs, Professional Development, and Diversity. Committee members will set up topics and speakers for the All RIME FLC meetings and be available to support community meetings.


Community Meeting Facilitators:

  • Facilitators will be full, participating members of community meeting
  • They will facilitate conversations about goal setting
  • They will work with the remaining members to build activities and agendas
  • They will guide discussion and activities during the community meeting
  • They will serve as a liaison to committee members



  • All members will attend the large group monthly meeting and one community meeting
  • They will participate in the brainstorming of ideas for projects
  • They will communicate future needs for projects/ meetings to RIME student


RIME Students:

  • RIME students will attend monthly community meetings
  • They will discuss the process with facilitators and members
  • They will keep time
  • They will facilitate quick reflection during the last five minutes of meeting with members and facilitator



Time Commitment

Participation in an FLC will take approximately five to eight hours per month.

  • Two to three hours per month will be spent between the monthly meeting and community meeting.
  • Members should expect to spend about three to five hours a month working on RIME FLC-related scholarship.



Because of this time commitment, individual faculty members are encouraged to seek support from their department chair/ division director.  FLC activities and outcomes can be an important part of the annual report documentation, as well as for the purposes of promotion and/or tenure.



FAPDD and the Office of Educational Affairs will provide a small amount of professional development funds for each of the FLCs.  The amount of funding will vary depending on the number of FLCs. Each FLC will determine how funds for their FLC will be distributed.



Interested faculty members should:

Fill out the online application by October 15th. Let your chair/division director know you are applying (we will reach out to confirm their support)


Apply now

Oversight Team:

The Office Educational Affairs: Komal Kochhar, MBBS (RIME), Abby Klemsz, PhD (UME), Christen Dilly, MD (GME), and Elizabeth Ryan, EdD (RMC)
FAPDD: Krista Hoffmann-Longtin, PhD, Gabe Bosslet, MD, and Megan Palmer, PhD

Krista Hoffmann-Longtin

Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Gabriel Bosslet

Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology