What is a CDC?

A Career Development Consultation is a free, one-time, brief meeting in which a senior faculty consultant assists a more junior faculty participant with targeted guidance around career goals and plans. This guidance is based on a review of the participant’s career development plan and CV, as well as conversations that emerge during the meeting.

Who can participate?

Faculty members of any rank can request a CDC. Consultants are senior faculty from IU School of Medicine, and usually should be chosen from outside the participant’s home department.

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What are the goals?

  1. Empower faculty to develop their own realistic career development plan.
  2. Assist faculty with:
    1. defining their career path.
    2. setting goals and timelines.
    3. developing scholarship.
    4. planning for promotion/tenure.
  3. Grow professional networks to facilitate opportunities for mentoring and collaboration.

How will it work?

Consultants will choose how many consultations they are able to commit to each year. Interested faculty will sign-up using an online form maintained by Faculty Affairs, Professional Development, and Diversity. The FAPDD administrative staff will contact the consultant to schedule a mutually agreeable time for the meeting. Prior to the meeting, the consultant will receive an electronic copy of the participant’s career development plan and CV. During the meeting, the consultant and participant will discuss strategies for career advancement.

Is there any follow-up?

Both consultants and participants will receive brief follow-up surveys from FAPDD to evaluate the program. In addition, participants will be asked to specify three goals following their meeting. FAPDD will contact participants six months later to gather information on their progress toward these self-determined goals.

What are the expected outcomes?

  1. Increased self-efficacy and academic productivity, including advancement in rank.
  2. Enhanced career vitality and sense of institutional and collegial support.
  3. Expanded network of potential collaborators and mentors.

How to sign up?

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Laura Torbeck

Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
Associate Professor of Surgery