Indiana University

Dossier Preparation

Candidates for promotion will submit a dossier to the department chair or regional center director in accordance with the guidelines of the IUPUI campus. The dossier for the tenure track faculty and clinical, non-tenure or lecturer faculty are slightly different.

Submitting your Dossier

Candidates seeking promotion must complete and submit an original dossier to Academic Administration, School of Medicine Dean's Office, Fairbanks Hall, by the July that follows the fifth year of employment.

It will be checked for completeness and returned to the department chair or regional center director, along with a list of any missing items, by August 1st. At that time, instructions will be provided for further action.

The same dossier that is used for tenure or a three-year appointment contract may also be used for promotion if appropriate. Please review the school's guidelines and the template used by the School of Medicine Committee as it reviews the dossiers.

The candidate is responsible for preparing the dossier and must certify on the Routing and Action Form that the dossier is accurate and complete.

The school Promotions Committee recommends that candidates who may not be quite ready for promotion be counseled within the department and given the opportunity of withdrawing the dossier for resubmission at the next promotion cycle.

NOTE: The checklist and Routing and Action Forms for non-tenure track clinical and lecturer faculty differ from those used for all other faculty.

Example Dossiers

Example dossiers are available on the IUPUI Office of Academic Administration website.


If you have dossier content questions, please contact Deb Cowley, Director of Academic Administration, at (317) 274-5271 or email.
If you have procedural questions, please contact Lynn Wakefield, Assistant Director of Academic Administration, at (317) 274-7215 or email.