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Oncourse Transition

In fall of 2012, the IU School of Medicine will be fully migrated from Angel to Oncourse. Between now and then, IUSM faculty, staff, and learners will be transitioning from one Learning Management System (LMS) to another. This page has been created to supply you with useful resources to help in this transition.

The Team

Eric Cox
(317) 274-7392

As an ANGEL administrator, Ericl provides online support and course development for teaching and learning applications. During this transitional phase, Eric is available to assist you in finding shortcuts to transfer existing course materials from Angel to Oncourse. He will work closely with you in ensuring a smooth transition to Oncourse.

Lorie Shuck
(317) 278-1506

Lorie is an Instructional Design and Technology Consultant for the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education in the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) and serves as the IUSM liaison with the IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning. Lorie guides IUSM faculty in implementing technology into their learning environments through one-on-one consultations and workshops. Contact Lorie with questions about Oncourse, Canvas, ExamSoft, multimedia, moving content online, or other instructional technologies.

Jon Eynon
(317) 274-2913

Jon works for the Office of Professional Affairs and Faculty Development (OFAPD) as a Technology Specialist. During this transition, OFAPD is acting as the bridge between Angel Specialists (IUSM) and Oncourse Specialist (UITS). If you have any questions at all about possible workshop topics, timeline for changeover, help documents or just general support, please contact Jon.

Online Workshops

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development has teamed with the Center for Teaching and Learning and the School of Medicine's own Office of Education Technology to offer online workshops to show the similarities of Oncourse to Angel and how comparable tools match up. Topics will cover: posting syllabi, communicating with students, roster addtitions, gradebook tools and more. All workshops will be 30 minutes.

Calendar of Online Workshops

Online Documentation and Support

Downloable document of the list below (pdf)

Request an Oncourse Site

  • Request a site - Request practice course, project, or portfolio sites; official course sites are auto-generated.  Note: Do not teach a course in a practice site. You can build a course there but you must teach the course in an official course site. Importing material from site to site is very easy in Oncourse.

Self-study online for faculty

Self-study online for learners

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