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Academy of Teaching Scholars

The tripartite mission of US medical schools is facing a significant challenge. To ensure the viability of academic medical centers efforts to enhance revenue from research and clinical activity have been increased. Unless a similar robust effort is made to strengthen the teaching enterprise, the education mission will be compromised. The Indiana University School of Medicine Academy of Teaching Scholars is in development to advance the stature, quality, and innovation within all aspects of teaching throughout the school.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Academy of Teaching Scholars is to enhance the development of faculty as educators and facilitators of reform.

The Academy will accomplish its mission by establishing a three tiered model of development.

Tier One: The Foundation of Teaching Excellence Program (FTEP)

Teaching is a core mission of the school and the majority of faculty are involved in one or more aspects of this mission. Although teaching is required for promotion, the personal rewards that come from teaching can equal or exceed professional contributions. Yet no program exists to ensure that all faculty are equipped with the skills and understandings needed to excel in teaching. The mission of tier one of the academy is to provide all faculty with just that--the fundamentals of teaching and learning. A series of workshops will be designed to offer instruction in the following areas:

  • Instructional Technology
  • Assessment of Learners
  • Learning Theory
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Curriculum Development

What’s involved in Tier One?

  • Faculty who elect to participate in tier one do so at their own pace and on a schedule that makes sense given their own commitments and time demands.
  • Workshops are one credit and will be available via live webinars, and face-to-face meetings. View our schedule of workshops.
  • Earn seven credits with at least one credit in each of the five competencies.
  • Near completion of the program, participants will work with another faculty member in the Academy and engage in peer review of teaching.
  • Complete a pre and post philosophy of teaching statement.

I want to be a part of tier one! What’s my next step?

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Tier Two: Graduate Certificate in Teaching

The goal of tier two of the Academy of Teaching Scholars is to increase knowledge of educational theories and practices. Tier two is designed for educators, course, clerkship, or competency directors, rotation directors, residency directors, fellowship directors, center leaders, and others who play a pivotal role in the educational enterprise, as well as faculty who will be promoted and/or tenured on the basis of excellence in teaching.

In order to complete the Tier Two Graduate Certificate in Teaching, participants must earn at least 12 credits, with most courses worth 3 credits. Courses will be offered face-to-face, fully online or using a hybrid of the two. 

Required Courses (9 credits)

  • EDUC-Y 510 Action research
  • EDUC-C 750 Teaching and Learning in the College Classroom
  • EDUC-D 500 Introduction to Adult Educational Theory

Elective Courses (select two, 6 credits)

  • EDUC-C 750 Curriculum in Higher Education
  • EDUC-U 548 Student Development Theory
  • EDUC-P 530 Instructional Psychology
  • EDUC-P 540 Learning & Cognition in Education
  • EDUC-P 544 Applied Cognition & Learning Strategies
  • EDUC-P 545 Educational Motivation
  • EDUC-D 525 Introduction to Distance Education
  • EDUC-D 600 Teacher-Learner Transaction in Adult Education

At the completion of required courses, faculty will be required to complete a capstone project. The project will be designed in consultation with the learner’s faculty mentor and is meant to be a way for learners to apply theory to practice in their current setting. Once submitted and the credits completed, participants will earn a graduate certificate in university teaching.

Approval of the certificate program is anticipated  in Fall 2011, but faculty can begin taking courses as soon as they complete Tier One.  To express interest in the program, please send an email to ofapd@iupui.edu.

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Tier Three: Master Educators Fellowship (Anticipated 2012)

A cohort of up to four faculty members will be selected each year to participate in the Master Teacher Program. These individuals are designated Senior Fellows in the Academy. To begin their work together, the Fellows meet for a one and half day intensive session. Thereafter, the Fellows convene monthly. The Fellows will organize public talks on teaching, several of which they would present. Further, the Fellows will organize a two-day national meeting on medical education to be convened at IUSM. One of the principle goals of the Fellows work is to raise the profile of medical education and generate enthusiasm for the pursuit of teaching excellence.

The Master Teacher Program, as suggested by its name, moves beyond fundamentals of teaching and places emphasis on the art of teaching.

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