Indiana University

Annual Reviews and Non-Reappointment

Any faculty member fully salaried by Indiana University must be formally reviewed each year in accordance with the policy outlined in the IU Academic Handbook.

Annual reviews

Annual reviews afford an opportunity for valuable mentoring and career feedback. They are required for all full-time faculty-tenure track, clinical faculty, research scientists and research professors, lecturers, and tenured full rank faculty. The annual review form must be reviewed and signed by each faculty member. The annual review is important for:

  • Documenting a faculty member's progress toward tenured status during the probationary period of appointment and to demonstrate the individual's potential for promotion.
  • Providing career guidance and performance feedback to all faculty.
  • For promotion purposes, annual reviews on affiliate, part-time, and volunteer faculty members should be conducted.

Reappointment Recommendations

Inherently, the reappointment recommendations constitutes a written form of review. After the period of initial appointment, reappointment is considered annually until the tenure review year. Most schools base reappointment recommendations on the annual review, but faculty subject to annual appointment should become familiar with the procedures followed in their respective units. Although campus and University policies do not require committee reviews for reappointment, some school bylaws make such provision.

Tenure Review

The tenure review involves separate and independent evaluations and is distinctly different in form and substance from either annual review or reappointment recommendations. The annual reviews are predictive, but they do not constitute a cumulative record, which predetermines the results of the separate tenure review. In addition, the tenure review is conducted at various school, campus, and university levels.

Please note that if a tenured faculty member's performance is judged unsatisfactory for two consecutive years, a special review is required in accordance with campus and school policies on Faculty and Librarian Review and Enhancement (FLRE). It is critically important that you notify Dr. Stephen Bogdewic when two such negative reviews have occurred. The dean's office staff will then work with the department and the faculty member to implement and carry out the special review process.

If you have questions concerning this procedure, please contact Lynn Wakefield, Assistant Director of Academic Administration, at (317) 274-7215.