Research Faculty

A variety of different workshops and seminars are available to help develop the skills of IUSM research faculty and to assist in their development of new scientific collaborations.  These include (but are not limited to) the following topics.

  • Use of the “Guide for Applying for Research Grants” for new research faculty
  • Balancing grants and kids
  • How to recruit personnel to your laboratory
  • Mentoring graduate students and postdoctoral fellows
  • Helping trainees get to the next level (e.g., writing recommendation letters)
  • Dealing with personnel problems in the laboratory
  • Choosing a faculty mentor
  • Getting recognized as an independent scientist-without being a “photon magnet”
  • Patenting inventions and other intellectual property elements
  • Diversity in science
  • Grant writing
  • Mock study section review sessions
  • Dos and don’ts of IACUC, rDNA, and BHC (Biohazard Committee) applications
  • Keeping tabs on your laboratory spending
  • Service contributions in the IUSM by basic research faculty
  • Writing a manuscript and where to submit it
  • Navigating the P&T process for research faculty