Dual Career Coordinator - IUPUI, IUB

About Yohana

Yohana Gebremicael is the Dual Career Coordinator for Faculty Affairs | Professional Development | Diversity. Yohana received her bachelor’s degree at Indiana University in Exercise Science, and is currently working towards her master’s degree in the IU Higher Education and Student Affairs M.S.Ed. program.

Yohana aims to provide career opportunities and relocation support for the partners and spouses of recruited IUB and IUPUI faculty, in addition to acting as a liaison between those institutions and IUSM. Yohana’s passion for assisting others in reaching their short-term and long-term professional goals allows her to work diligently in order to create a supportive and positive environment to those relocating. Yohana also uses her professional development skills in her current role as the Training and Professional Development Graduate Assistant for the IUPUI Office of Campus Career and Advising Services.