Faculty hired into the research/scientist track advance in rank based on excellence in research. Achievement of excellence is, in spirit, based on criteria similar to those applied to tenure track faculty. It is acknowledged, however, that most research track faculty are associated with a tenure track faculty member who pays part or all of the salary and provides research space, or research track faculty may have an admin role providing a high degree of service to the research mission. Therefore, it is unreasonable to expect the same degree of independence expected in the tenure track such as having independent funding or publications.

Areas of Excellence

Faculty on the research track may only seek promotion based on excellence in research. In addition, you may be required to be satisfactory in service. This varies by department and the terms of your hiring. Be sure to discuss these expectations with your division chair or director.


Excellence in research

Satisfactory service may be required

Research Track Timeline

Faculty on the research track, like the clinical track, do not have a requirement for promotion nor a set timeline for promotion. While faculty on the research track are not eligible for tenure, there are several reasons to consider going up for promotion including academic acknowledgment, eligibility to serve on promotion committees, and personal satisfaction and accomplishment.

Neelam Chand

Executive Director for Faculty Affairs

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