Welcome to the IU School of Medicine Academic Position Tracking System.  FAPDD has implemented this system in order to automate the academic job posting, application, interview, and offer processes and approvals.

You will use this system to complete these tasks:

  • Create Postings
  • View Applicants
  • Request Interviews
  • Request Offers
  • Route Offer Paperwork

Throughout these processes, you will be able to communicate electronically with IUPUI and IUSM administrators, applicants, and others involved in your hiring process.

We are constantly working to make the PeopleAdmin experience better for our users, which means we make frequent updates to this guide. For that reason, we hope you will consider not printing. If you have a suggestion for improving the process in PeopleAdmin, or this guide, please share your feedback.

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Liz Whitaker

Executive and Faculty Recruiting Consultant

PeopleAdmin User Guide For IUSM Academic Positions