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May 2018

Leadership in Academic Medicine Program (LAMP) is a cohort-based, year-long faculty development and orientation program designed for faculty in the 2nd and 3rd years of their appointment. To be nominated, a brief statement of support is needed from your chair or division director no later than Friday, June 29. After being nominated, you will need to submit a one-page document describing your career goals, including what you most want to accomplish in the next three years.

Nominations Due: Friday, June 29

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This seminar comprehensively addresses both conceptual and practical aspects that are associated with the grant writing process, often called ‘grantsmanship’. This program is appropriate for faculty members who are contemplating a competitive application to federal or state agencies and foundations in either basic science or clinical research.

Tuesday, August 28
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Emerson Hall (EH), 304


The IUSM Regatta BBQ is a family-friendly event offering an opportunity for IUSM faculty, staff, and learners to meet, greet, and kick off the school year. The Regatta consists of a half-mile canoe relay competition involving teams of up to eight students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Attendees are strongly encouraged to RSVP.

Saturday, September 22


Scientific Writing from the Reader's Perspective As competition for external funding becomes more challenging, getting one’s scholarly work successfully published is more important than ever. Dr. Gopen’s approach is based on a single idea: learning to write for the reader allows the writer to control what readers learn.

Advanced Scientific Writing from the Reader's Perspective If you are planning to attend the advanced workshop you must have attended the workshop prior on Tuesday,October 9 or in a previous year..

Scientific Writing

Advanced Scientific Writing


Mark E. Bauman, M.D. • Thomas J. Birdas, M.D. • Gabriel T. Bosslet, M.D. • Brandon P. Brown, M.D.
Krista M. Brucker, M.D. • Kenneth E. Byrd, Ph.D. • Angela T. Carbone, M.D. • Douglas E. Carr, M.D.
Tamika S. Dawson, M.D. • Alexander L. Dent, Ph.D. • David R. Diaz, M.D. • Roman Dziarski, Ph.D.
Jeffery S. Elmendorf, Ph.D. • Lyle P. Fettig, M.D. • Joseph F. Fitzgerald, M.D. • David L. Fryman, M.D.
Thomas A. Gardner, M.D. • Greg E. Gaski, M.D. • Warren B. Gavin, M.D. • Stacey D. Gilk, Ph.D.
Jill V. Helphinstine, M.D. • Brittney-Shea Herbert, Ph.D • Leslie A. Hoffman, Ph.D. • Butch J. Humbert, M.D. Heather A. Hundley, Ph.D. • Ashley S. Inman, M.D. • Peter C. Jenkins, M.D. • Travis J. Jerde, Ph.D.
Michael J. King, Ph.D. • Abigail F. Klemsz, Ph.D, M.D • Matthew J. Kuhar, M.D. • Yunlong Liu, Ph.D.
Colleen M. Madden, M.D. • Rakesh P. Mehta, M.D. • Paul I. Musey, M.D. • Erin V. Newton, M.D.
Jacqueline V. Nonweiler-Parr, M.D. • Jason M. Organ, Ph.D. • Katie E. Pettit, M.D. • April A. P’pool, M.D. Deanna R. Reinoso, M.D. • Cynthia L. Robbins, M.D. • Maria P.S Robles, M.D. • Rebecca S. Rose, M.D. Courtney M. Rowan, M.D. • Charles N. Rudick, Ph.D. • Daniel E. Rusyniak, M.D. • Luke C. Schafer, M.D. Gattadahalli S. Seetharam, Ph.D. • Don J. Selzer, M.D. • Andrew R. Shriner, M.D.
Katie J. Stanton-Maxey, M.D. • Wanzhu Tu, Ph.D. • Gotz Von Bulow, Ph.D. • Isaac C. Wu, M.D.

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