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May 2017

SNAPPS is a learner-centered teaching approach where the learner takes an active role in their educational encounter, and the preceptor takes on the role of a facilitator by promoting critical thinking, empowering the learner to have an active role in their education, and serving as a knowledge 'presenter' rather than a knowledge 'source.'

Thursday, June 8
12:10 p.m. - 12:50 p.m.
Online Zoom


OFAPD is now soliciting applications for this year’s Leadership in Academic Medicine Program (LAMP). LAMP is a cohort-based, yearlong faculty development and orientation program designed for faculty in the 2nd and 3rd years of their appointment.

To apply, submit a one-page document describing your career goals and what you most want to accomplish in the next three years, along with a brief statement of support from your chair or division director.

Submit via email to by Friday, July 28

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The Indiana University School of Medicine believes that honoring outstanding teaching, research, and service is an important part of our culture. Nominations for faculty awards are accepted in the following categories: Scholar-Educator Award, Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Awards, Outstanding Community Engagement Award, and Inspirational Educator Award. Submit nominations to

Nomination Deadline: July 28, 2017

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Save the date for the 2017 Steven C. Beering Lecture. The lecture will be given on Wednesday, October 11.


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Gustavo A. Arrizabalaga, Ph.D. • Jonathan W. Bazeley, M.D. • Daniel J. Beckman, M.D. • Joseph P. Bidwell, Ph.D.
David L. Boone, Ph.D. • Eric E. Boss, M.D. • Malaz A. Boustani, M.D. • Todd J. Brown, Ph.D.
Rebecca J. Chan, M.D., Ph.D. • Brandon S. Dickey, M.D. • Devonne A. Elkins, M.D. • Timothy J. Ellender, M.D.
William A. Engle, M.D. • Tatiana M. Foroud, Ph.D. • Michael M. Francis, M.D. • John S. Fuqua, M.D.
Maureen A. Harrington, Ph.D. • Tara L. Harris, M.D. • Matthew D. Holley, Ph.D. • Mari K. Hopper, Ph.D.
Michael G. House, M.D. • Benton R. Hunter, M.D. • Aaron P. Kamer, M.D. • Jessica M. Kanis, M.D. • Kelly Kasper, M.D. Brian G. Kennedy, Ph.D. • Babar A. Khan, M.D. • Lauren M. Ladd, M.D. • Michael J. Lannoo, Ph.D.
Avinash V. Mantravadi, M.D. • Brian A. McFerron, M.D. • Andrew D. Nigh, M.D. • Valerie D. O’Loughlin, Ph.D.
Kathir V. Palanisamy, M.D. • Peter S. Pang, M.D. • Joshua D. Pinner, M.D. • Martin H. Plawecki, M.D., Ph.D.
Hadley E. Ritter, M.D. • Nicholas A. Rogers, M.D. • Theresa M. Rohr-Kirchgraber, M.D. • Jerry L. Rushton, M.D.
S. Hamid Sayar, M.D. • Kimberly S. Schneider, M.D. • Jennifer E. Schwartz, M.D. • Nicole P. Scott, M.D.
Mark F. Seifert, Ph.D. • Jodi L. Skiles, M.D. • Deborah K. Sokol, M.D., Ph.D. • Julianne Stout, M.D.
William A. Truitt, Ph.D. • Johnathan D. Tune, Ph.D. • Raj K. Vuppalanchi, M.D. • Christopher S. Weaver M.D.
Elizabeth A. Wetzel, M.D. • Jui-Hung Yen. Ph.D.

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