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Wellness at IUSM and IUHP
Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) embraces wellness as a sense of thriving across multiple domains that improve the vitality of our community. To fully realize this potential, we are working to embrace and implement programming that emphasizes and supports health, professional success, and overall happiness while increasing the capacity for empathy and resistance to burnout.

Community Responsibility
Wellness is the community responsibility of everyone in the organization. Cultural and institutional investments supporting wellness require active participation by individuals, teams, and leadership. As such, IUHP/IUSM formed the Health and Wellness Advisory Council (HWAC) to provide a place where our community can work together to advance the health and wellbeing of everyone.


Health and Wellness Advisory Council (HWAC)

The IUHP/IUSM Health and Wellness Advisory Council (HWAC) serves as a two-way communicating body to share wellness ideas from all areas of the academic healthcare organization. This group provides recommendations to leaders in our organization that promote personal, team, and system wide wellbeing. The members are invited by the HWAC Chair, Co-Chair and departmental nominations.

Our HWAC connects to the National Physicians Wellness Academic Consortium (PWAC), a Stanford based consortium of 18 large academic healthcare organizations, which bring national wellness leaders together for idea sharing, data collection, and scholarly productivity.

To contact the HWAC, contact HWAC Chair: Heather Kelker, MD:


Indiana University and IU Health Physicians Wellness Resources