• Definition of wellness: Sense of vitality, thriving, across multiple domains; a continuous process
  • Definition of burnout: exhaustion or lack of energy, feelings of cynicism or negativity towards job, and reduced efficacy or success
  • Wellness is more than the lack of burnout
  • Wellness paradigm: the connection between personal growth, team collaboration, and system culture

    • System culture includes organizational values, efficiency of practice, and addressing administrative burdens
    • Team collaboration includes team building, meaning in work, engagement and local culture
    • Personal growth includes wellness in 8 dimensions:
  • It’s important to not over emphasize the personal growth dimension; understand that wellness requires effort in all three areas (personal, team, and system level commitment)


Wellness at IUSM and IUHP:

  • Chief Wellness Officer, Associate Dean of Wellness: Chair of the Health and Wellness Advisory Council (HWAC, see below)
    • Role of Assoc Dean/CWO:
      • Develop the vision and a strategic plan for wellness for IUSM, IUHP
      • Identify metrics for wellness and track over time
      • Provide relevant and actionable data to other leaders
      • Identity opportunities to improve efficiency
      • Engage and advise organizational leaders on developing the optimal learning and workplace environment
      • Identify areas of the culture that require strengthening
      • Identify what resources are needed to optimize culture, efficiency, and personal wellbeing
      • Identity resources needed to support learners and providers in distress
      • Advocate for clinician and learner wellbeing in organizational decision making
      • Influence other leaders’ thinking and sense of shared ownership of clinician and learner wellbeing
    • Scope of the Assoc Dean/CWO:
      • IUSM: Undergraduate Medical Students (UME) + Graduate Medical Education (GME) + Graduate Students + Faculty
      • IUHP: Physicians + APPs


IUHP/IUSM Health and Wellness Advisory Council (HWAC):

  • A multidisciplinary council with members from across IUSM and IUHP who serve as a two-way communicating body to share wellness ideas from all areas of the academic healthcare organization
  • Provide recommendations to leaders in our organization that promote personal, team, and system wide wellbeing
  • Members are invited by the HWAC Chair, Co-Chair; Department Chairs nominate their representatives
  • Brings forth ideas and recommendations for consideration by leaders at IUSM and IUHP
  • To contact the HWAC, contact HWAC Chair: Heather Kelker, MD:


National Physicians Wellness Academic Consortium (PWAC):
IUSM and IUHP are members of the PWAC

  • Stanford based consortium of 18 large academic healthcare organizations similar to IUSM/IUHP
  • Brings national wellness leaders together for idea sharing and scholarly productivity



Local Wellness Resources:



IUSM/IUHP Wellness Leaders

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