General Medicine/Health Professions

Journal Name Impact Factor Article Influence
Academic Medicine 3.468 1.347
Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Outcome Project
 n/a n/a
Advances in Health Sciences Education: Theory & Practice 2.705 1.149
American Journal of Medicine 5.003 n/a
American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 4.04 n/a
American Journal of Preventive Medicine 4.527 n/a
American Journal of Surgery 2.403 1.238
Annals of Family Medicine 4.57 n/a
Best Evidence in Medical Education (BEME)
 n/a n/a
BioMed Central Medical Education 1.41 0.5
British Medical Journal 19.697 7.430
Canadian Medical Education Journal n/a n/a
CES4Health n/a n/a
Education for Health n/a n/a
Evaluation & the Health Professions
 1.672 0.545
Focus on Health Profession Education
 n/a n/a
Health Education Assets Library (HEAL) n/a n/a
International Journal of Medical Education n/a n/a
JAMA (includes an annual medical education issue) 30.387 13.154
Journal of Biomedical Education n/a n/a
Journal of Cancer Education 1.368 n/a
Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions
 1.19 0.571
Journal of Graduate Medical Education
 n/a n/a
Journal of Hospital Medicine 2.143 n/a
Journal of Interprofessional Care
 n/a n/a
Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development n/a n/a
Journal of the National Medical Association 1.067 0.460
MedEd Portal n/a n/a
MedEd World n/a n/a
Medical Education
 3.617 1.305
Medical Education Online
 1.268 n/a
Medical Science Educator
 n/a n/a
Medical Teacher

 2.045 0.616
Medical Quality Journals n/a n/a
New England Journal of Medicine (education articles are included in several issues)
 54.42 22.412
Perspectives on Medical Education

 n/a n/a
Teaching and Learning in Medicine

 1.118 0.418
The Clinical Teacher n/a n/a
The Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice n/a n/a

General Higher Education

Journal Name Impact Factor Article Influence
American Educational Research Association (AERA) Open n/a n/a
Change, the Magazine for Higher Learning n/a n/a
College Teaching
 n/a n/a
Innovative Higher Education n/a n/a
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education n/a n/a
Journal for Academic Development n/a n/a
Online Learning n/a n/a
Open Review of Educational Research n/a n/a
Journal of Excellence in College Teaching n/a n/a
Journal of Faculty Development n/a n/a
Journal of Further and Higher Education n/a n/a
The Journal of Higher Education 1.051 0.792
Journal of Research in Interprofessional Practice and Education n/a n/a
Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
 n/a n/a
New Directions for Teaching and Learning
 n/a n/a
The Review of Higher Education 0.867 0.884
Teaching in Higher Education 0.623 0.434
To Improve the Academy n/a n/a

Higher Education – Theme-Based

Journal Name Impact Factor Article Influence
Active Learning in Higher Education
 n/a n/a
American Journal of Distance Education
 n/a n/a
Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education
 1 1
The Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning
 n/a n/a
Open Learning: The Journal of Open and Distance Learning
 n/a n/a
Research in Higher Education
 1.141 1.141
Simulation & Gaming: An International Journal of Theory, Practice and Research n/a n/a
Technology, Pedagogy and Education 0.541 0.541

Specialty Medical Education Journals

Journal Name Impact Factor Article Influence
Academic Emergency Medicine n/a n/a
Academic Pediatrics n/a n/a
Academic Psychiatry n/a n/a
Academic Radiology n/a n/a
Advances in Physiology Education n/a n/a
American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education n/a n/a
Anatomical Sciences Education n/a n/a
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education 0.465 n/a
CBE: Life Sciences Education 1.908 0.823
Family Medicine Journal
 0.981 0.454
Journal of Clinical Anesthesia 1.284 0.429
Journal of Dental Education
 1.04 0.248
Journal of General Internal Medicine 3.423 1.578
Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education n/a n/a
Journal of Nursing Education 1.060 0.275
Journal of Surgical Education n/a n/a
Journal of Veterinary Medical Education 0.901 0.180
Nursing Administration
 n/a n/a
Nurse Education in Practice 0.964 n/a
Nurse Education Today 1.591 0.367
Obstetrics and Gynecology 5.656 2.117
Pharmacy Education 0.391 n/a
Surgical Innovation 1.338 0.544
Note: Impact factor and article influence scores evaluate the weight of scholarly periodicals and map the structure of academic research. For more information on Article Influence Score, you can check out information at Impact factors found using the 2011 Journal Citation Reports (JCR) through ISI’s Web of Knowledge can be found at here.

Krista Longtin

Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis