Disciplined. Collaborative. Solutions-focused. IU School of Medicine is harnessing the power of research to solve grand challenges facing Indiana and the world. This power is rooted in the work of dedicated researchers, practitioners and experts in projects both big and small. IU’s research initiatives are bold, data-driven, solution-focused and fueled by an insatiable curiosity that is capable of leading the next frontier in human progress.
Precision Health Initiative, a research initiative of IU School of Medicine, will transform biomedical research, health care innovations and the delivery of health interventions in Indiana. With more than $350 million in external grants and awards for medical research from federal, state and private sources, IU School of Medicine oversees a comprehensive research portfolio that’s nationally recognized for its successes in many specialty areas.

Above all, IU School of Medicine Faculty Affairs, Professional Development, and Diversity is dedicated to support research faculty through professional development opportunities that will enhance leadership, communication and research skills. Explore Faculty Affairs, Professional Development, and Diversity professional development opportunities for research faculty below.