Search waiver requests* for IU School of Medicine academic positions should be submitted when an exception is sought to bypass the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) search and screen requirements. OEO requires a search for all AC1 positions. Some interdepartmental transfers or changes to the full-time equivalent (FTE) percentage of an existing appointee may not require a search or a waiver. Transfers from one department to another require either a search and screen or a waiver, unless the appointee already has a secondary appointment in the new home department. Departments should consult with the Faculty Affairs, Professional Development, and Diversity (FAPDD) to determine the best direction for recruitment needs.

*Please note, submission of a search waiver request even with proper documentation does not guarantee an approval. While FAPDD may approve a waiver request, OEO makes the final decision and handles each request case by case.


The following items should be submitted to the Associate Director of Faculty Recruiting, Senem Guler:

    1. A document detailing the specific qualifications, skills and experience needed for the position (e.g. job description or position announcement).
    2. Candidate’s CV
    3. A justification letter signed by the hiring authority (e.g. chair, dean, director) and addressed to the Office of Equal Opportunity Director, Karloa Stevens. Please include an expected start date. Examples of search waiver justifications:
      • Outstanding Diversity Candidate: opportunity to recruit a highly qualified woman or underrepresented minority candidate for an academic position whose appointment would assist in rectifying underutilization of available pools
      • Dual Career: recruitment/retention of a faculty member requiring the appointment of an accompanying spouse or partner.
      • Emergency and/or Unforeseen Circumstances: circumstances that the department could not have foreseen and has no control over (e.g. unexpected attrition, death, emergent clinical or teaching needs).
      • Special Opportunity:
        1. Specialist: role to be filled is in an extraordinarily competitive, niche or narrow field, such that the recruitment of an individual with the requisite credentials represents a unique opportunity.
        2. Star: recruitment of a distinguished scholar or nationally renowned artist or professional, or an outstanding early career candidate who has demonstrated academic excellence in their field and an emerging national or international reputation.
        3. Negotiated Hires in Faculty Recruitment Package: circumstances where a candidate negotiates for a relocation of team members (e.g. lab members). Names and titles of individuals who will be hired and begin employment must be clearly delineated in the offer letter.
        4. Non–tenure track Research Faculty bringing grant-funded salary support: individuals can be hired without a standard search process provided that they serve as the principal or co-principal investigator of approved research grant(s) and salary support is clearly secured through an extramural funding.
      • Change to Tenure track Appointment Type: current employee’s academic appointment type does not align with the evolving needs of the position or career trajectory has changed.
      • Succession plan recruiting: An individual identified as a successor for a high level or key position that has been trained to fulfill the duties of the incumbent.


If the Office of Equal Opportunity issues a formal approval letter, an Offer Packet (see Offer Letters at Recruitment & Appointment should be prepared and submitted to for approval. Please include the search waiver approval letter as evidence of approval to recruit.

If the search waiver is not approved, please proceed with the standard search and screen process for academic appointees (see People Admin Users Equal Opportunity Procedural Checklist at Recruitment & Appointment.

Senem Guler

Associate Director of Faculty Recruiting