The main components of the Evans Fellowship program include:

  1. Completion of the Business of Medicine MBA program from the IU Kelley School of Business.
  2. Mentorship and networking opportunities with IU School of Medicine and IU Health enterprise executives.
  3. Opportunities to learn about strategic organizational decision-making in real time through observing and participating in select governance and leadership meetings.

Each of these components is explained further below.



Fellow will complete the 21 month, 51 credit hour program of study leading to the Business of Medicine MBA offered by IU Kelley School of Business, designed specifically for practicing physicians.


Fellows will learn foundational business concepts such as financial management, strategic marketing and operations management. Curriculum includes specialized coursework specific to the health care industry such as health care revenue and delivery models, understanding consumer health care behavior, health care policy and process improvement. Fellowship will fund the tuition and fees associated with the MBA program.



Fellows will expand their professional network by…

  • Assessing how their current professional network impacts their career goals and determining which areas in their network needs to be expanded.
  • Completing at least six interviews with senior leaders across the School and IU health regarding their career development and role in the health system.
  • Meeting for regular mentoring opportunities with Daniel F. Evans, Jr., JD President Emeritus of IU Health and Dean of IU School of Medicine Jay L. Hess, MD, PhD, MHSA.
  • Regularly meeting with the Executive Associate Dean of FAPDD to discuss their experience in the fellowship program and career development issues.



  • Fellows will have the opportunity to observe and/or participate in several high-level meetings in IU School of Medicine, IU Health and IU Health Physicians. Such meetings may include but are not limited to: IUH system leadership retreats, IU School of Medicine School Executive Committee Meetings, IU Faculty Steering Committee meetings, IUH/IU School of Medicine enterprise alignment meetings and IU Board of Trustees meetings
  • Fellows will observe behavior and decision-making processes, and asses the focus and effectiveness of the meeting in relation to the stated values and goals of the organization.


Time Commitment and Support

  • Majority of coursework for the Kelly Business of Medicine MBA program is online (approximately 8-12 hours per week), plus once per month in-residence sessions occurring on the weekends in Indianapolis.
  • Curriculum is administered in quarters with the first quarter beginning each September.
  • Evans fellow will receive financial support for tuition and fees to complete the program. This does not include the cost for textbooks.
  • Cost for parking is the participant’s responsibility.
  • Program offers an annual elective course, Global Health Care Experience, studying best practices in health care systems outside the United States and how we could apply those best practices to our health care system. Tuition associated with this course is covered, but the cost for travel is the participants responsibility.


The time commitment to participate is approximately 10%. The fellow’s academic department is expected to provide salary support and protected time in order that he/she can meet the program requirements. In return for participating in the program, the fellow will commit to staying on the IU School of Medicine faculty for at least two years after completion of the program.

Evans Fellowship in Health Care Leadership