Indiana University School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs, Professional Development, and Diversity Trainee Travel Grant

Recognizing the importance of medical/graduate students, residents, and fellows presenting research as part of their academic and professional development, the Office of Faculty Affairs, Professional Development, and Diversity (FA|PD|D) grants travel awards to trainees interested in showcasing their scholarly research and/or developing professional skills and networks. Allocation of these resources is done with the intention of supporting endeavors that provide educational value to our trainees and to the greater IUSM community. Should funding be provided, conference attendees are responsible for disseminating information about the conference back to FA|PD|D and the respective affinity or interest groups.

There are a limited number of travel awards available for the academic year. FA|PD|D accepts travel grant applications on a rolling basis. Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to intended travel. The following guidelines will be used to evaluate travel proposals and award funding:

  • A maximum of $500 will be awarded to an individual who is presenting their research at a professional conference.
  • A maximum of $350 will be awarded to an individual who is attending a professional conference.

Please note: Any funds awarded to medical and graduate students will be distributed to the student’s account unless otherwise noted. Residents’ and fellows’ reimbursements will be processed via check or direct deposit unless otherwise noted. Group funding requests will be considered, but is not guaranteed. Approval for group funding will be determined on a case-by-case basis, pending availability of funds and Director approval.  No individual will be eligible for more than $500 during an academic year.

All travel must be completed prior to graduation. It is strongly encouraged that funding be used to present diversity-related research or attending a diversity-related conference.


The following items must be included in your submission:

• Completed application
• One page letter of intent briefly describing your accepted presentation and/or anticipated professional development activities and network opportunities explaining why either or both are important to your professional and academic development.
• A curriculum vitae

Submit completed application at least 30 days before travel.
Inquiries about the application or components of the application should be directed to


Additionally, FA|PD|D support of conference attendance is intended to support individual interests, but more importantly to support endeavors providing educational value to our trainees and to the greater IUSM community. Should FA|PD|D provide funding for travel, conference attendees will be responsible for presenting information learned at the conference to the greater student body; awardees will have some flexibility on the method of dissemination.

Submission of this request for funding serves as your acknowledgement of, and agreement to abide by, the terms listed above.