The iCare program aims to prepare members of the school community to lead action and conversations related to addressing systemic racism and race inequities. While this series is open to all members of the IU School of Medicine community, the target audience is non-minoritized people, seeking to reach those whose identity is connected with the larger white racial group.

What can you expect?

  • Sessions are held over the course of 8 weeks, meeting once weekly  
  • Sessions are organized into two groups: Faculty/Staff and Trainees
  • Participation is limited to 25 indviduals per group
  • Sessions will be a hybrid learning experince with LinkedIn Learning, group discussion and speakers. 
  • At the end of the course participants will receive a certificate of completion

Unsure if you are a trainee?Trainees include medical students, graduate students, residents, fellows, and post-doctoral candidates.

iCare Primary Objectives

Objective #1
Train participants on how to engage in critical race conversations.
Objective #2
Educate participants on how racial inequities, historically and presently, affect health outcomes.
Objective #3
Evaluate work, department policies, and institutional culture through the lens of anti-racism.
Objective #4
Formulate action plans and strategies to address racial equity within the institution.

To register, please choose a track below based on your self-assessed level of knowledge. Note: applications for the Advanced class will only be accepted once you have attended either the entry or intermediate level courses.


Themes: Creating meaning/Examine Identity and Showing Inclusivity/Becoming inclusive.

Schedule: Sessions meet weekly from January 2 – February 21.



Themes: Difficult Conversations/Engaging in inclusivity

Schedule: Sessions meet weekly from March 7 – April 25.



Themes: Building Alliances/Committing to inclusivity

Schedule: Sessions meet weekly from September 5 – October 24.


Coming Fall 2022