Indiana University

Policies and Procedures

For complete information, faculty members should consult both the system-wide and the campus handbooks.

  • Academic Handbook: The Academic Handbook for Indiana University describes in detail the policies and procedures set forth to academic appointees on all campuses of the University.
  • IUPUI Supplement to the Academic Handbook: The IUPUI Supplement to the Academic Handbook is provided for faculty of IUPUI as a supplement to the Indiana University system-wide Academic Handbook. The IUPUI supplement does not duplicate the information already printed in the IU Academic Handbook.
  • Professional Standards: The IUSM Core Values and Guiding Principles provide the foundation for a culture of professionalism that direct the daily activities at IUSM. Members of the IUSM are expected to demonstrate their public commitment to the attitudes and behaviors such values engender.
  • Grievance Process: A Grievance Committee has been created to provide a means of arbitration of issues before an external process is undertaken.
  • Leave Policies: Vacation, parental leave, sabbatical leave, sick leave, partial leave of absence benefits of faculty are described and defined.
  • Faculty Constitution: The system of fundamental principles that governs the IUSM faculty.
  • Volunteer Faculty: We welcome volunteer faculty to contribute to our missions of teaching, research, and clinical care.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Position: The analysis and assessment of theIUSM's IP potential as found by the IP Task Force.
  • Web Design Image Policy: This policy describes certain visual and information elements and their usage that are requested for all official Indiana University School of Medicine Web pages.