Indiana University

Appointment Process

Welcome new faculty member. We hope to make your appointment process as smooth as possible. Below are a number of important documents that require your attention. Please follow the links to review this important information and then use the RED link to acknowledge that you have read and understand these expectations.

Step 1

IUSM Standards of Excellence

Attain recognition for your academic accomplishments.

Link to IUSM Standards of Excellence (PDF)

Step 2

Your Track and Rank

Tenure, clinical, scientist track faculty... Understand your appointment type.

Link to Track and Rank Info (PDF)

Step 4

Review Your CV Format

Utilize the appropriate Curriculum Vitae format required for the promotion dossier

Link to CV Format Information (DOC)

Step 3

Promotion and Tenure Process

Be familiar with the academic advancement timeline for the promotion and tenure process.

Link to Promotion and Tenure Info (html)

Step 5

Acknowledgement of Receipt

Link to Acknowledgement of Receipt FormAfter you have reviewed the items on this page, follow the link below to officially acknowledge receipt of this information..