Diversity Strategic Framework

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This document is organized into three broad areas that reflect IUSM’s Pillars of Diversity–representational diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence. These areas emerged from the original long-term goals and objectives referenced in the 2014 IUSM Diversity Revitalization Plan that was developed with broad participation from faculty and learners. In addition, these pillars are aligned with the strategic diversity plans of both IUPUI and IU.

The Office of Diversity Affairs (ODA) leadership met with trainees, faculty, and staff from all campuses and several IUSM committees–Diversity Council, Women’s Advisory Council, Faculty Steering Committee–to develop this plan. A corresponding action plan with specific activities and success indicators has been developed for each goal and objective within each pillar. Similarly, each department, regional campus, and unit has developed a diversity plan, aligned with this one, and will provide progress reports to ODA every 12 months.


Representational Diversity IUSM has an obligation to improve the diversity of the physician and scientist workforce to better reflect the state population. Further, a learning environment with greater representation of persons with diverse backgrounds and perspectives fosters innovative ideas and a deeper appreciation for the diversity of learners, patients, colleagues, and the communities that surround us. IUSM is committed to recruiting talented trainees, faculty, and staff from various backgrounds, with targeted efforts toward those defined by IUSM as underrepresented in medicine. This commitment is evident in our pipeline programs, hiring policies and practices, recruitment of learners, and the composition of our leadership.

Inclusive Climate IUSM is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters inclusion throughout the organization. We see the importance of bringing diverse voices together and incorporating those voices into all of our functional areas and institutional policies. To achieve its mission, all members of the community must feel included, valued, and respected.

Cultural Competence IUSM is acutely aware of the evolving socio-demographic landscape around us and recognizes our responsibility to develop future physicians, medical educators, and scientists who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide excellent patient-centered health care, eliminate health disparities, and contribute to innovative breakthroughs in science. Culturally competent care is a cornerstone of these efforts.


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