Stepping Stones Lecture Series

Each year, OFAPD in collaboration with the IUSM Women’s Advisory Council, hosts a series of lunch workshops called Stepping Stones. Since women in academic medicine tend to have smaller professional networks than male colleagues, and because fewer women than men advance to higher ranks, we know that women have fewer role models of success.

Through this leadership series, we have created a forum where faculty and students can learn through hearing the career development journeys of successful women. During the session, a successful woman in medicine or science is interviewed about the Stepping Stones that led to her career success. Stepping Stones luncheons are open to all faculty, staff, and students; both men and women are encouraged to attend.

Learn more about the Stepping Stones curriculum through our publication in MedEd Portal.

Learn more about the Stepping Stones research project through our article in Advancing Women in Leadership Journal.

Below is a list of upcoming Stepping Stones luncheons, and other events in Programs for the Advancement of Women.