Med Ed Combinator (MEC)

A faculty learning community for educators in the health professions

IUSM Faculty Affairs – Professional Development – Diversity (FAPDD) is sponsoring a faculty learning community (FLC) on the scholarship of teaching and learning in the health professions- the MedEd Combinator.

This new program is modeled after the Y Combinator, a successful Silicon Valley startup incubator in which selected participants receive advice, connections, and seed money to take a project from idea to execution in a short amount of time.

The MEC will provide an opportunity for a small group of faculty members to explore new ideas, develop skills, and be part of a scholarly community. The MEC will engage around a group or individual research project(s) related to the scholarship of teaching and learning in an area of common interest in health professions education. Topics may include program development, curriculum design, teaching strategies/instructional design, assessment, or evaluation. The group will meet online in real time, monthly for nine months, with the goal of disseminating the project(s) at the end of the program. Members must commit to attending all meetings and dedicating time to their projects.


Junior and mid-career, clinical or non-clinical faculty who focus on health professions education are invited to apply. The MEC will be facilitated by Gabriel Bosslet and Christen Dilly, both successful educators at IUSM. They will help build sessions to support members’ progress.


Meetings will begin in early April 2018.

Application Process:

Interested faculty members should submit:

  1. A 150 word written statement outlining their background and interest in the scholarship of teaching,
  2. a short (200 word) description of a potential educational research project.
  3. Letter/email of support from their department chair or division/section chief.

8-10 participants for the MEC will be selected by the FAPDD based upon these submissions.

Application Deadline:

Applications will be due February 28, 2018.

For questions about the MEC, feel free to contact Gabriel Bosslet ( or Christen Dilly (

Click here to apply.