Resources for New Faculty


Employee Assistance Program


The IU Employee Assistance Program (IUEAP) was established to provide professional help when day-to-day activities are interrupted by stress. IUEAP services are confidential and voluntary. Learn descriptions of services, covered services, eligibility and more. | Visit Site

Faculty Leaves and Vacation Time

The university recognizes the need for and has made provision for a number of types of leaves of absence, including, but not limited to, leaves without pay, sick leaves, maternity leaves, sabbatical leavesmilitary leaves, andpaid family/medical leave policy. | Visit Site

Life Insurance


This site will help you learn more about IU Basic Group Life Insurance including but not limited to plan provisions, eligibility, inflation of coverage, andtravel assistance. | Visit Site

Medical Care Plans


IU is dedicated to providing various medical care plans that benefit you and your family’s health one this site you can learn about medical plans offered, check eligibility guidelines, and customer service contacts. | Visit Site

New Employee Benefit Enrollment

IU is committed to providing benefits that help protect your and your family’s health, welfare, and financial well-being. This site will help you through the process of enrolling yourself and your dependents in these benefits. | Visit Site

Retirement and Investment


IU has different retirement plans to learn more about eligibility,contributions, investments, and distributions & withdrawals. | Visit Site

Tuition Benefit


Indiana University’s Tuition Benefit supports the educational mission of IU and reduces the cost of IU courses for its employees and their dependents. Get information on the eligibility requirements, enrollment provisions, tuition benefit subsidy amounts, and more. | Visit Site

Voluntary Benefits


Indiana University is committed to offering a benefits program that provides value while containing costs. IU full-time and part-time employees, Graduate Assistants, and Retirees now have access to a greater variety of plans in this offering of the IU Voluntary Benefits Program. | Visit Site

Work-Life Balance


Indiana University’s Work-Life Balance service is an enhanced resource for Academic and Staff employees and Graduate Assistants . Specific services include: individual consultations and referrals, workshops, seminars, webinars and this web site that connects employees to the full range of support services we all need to thrive in our changing lives.  | Visit Site


Health Services


IUPUI Health Services is committed to providing quality primary care to students and occupational services to employees. We are here to support your physical health as one component of overall wellness. | Visit Site



It’s a service-learning program that provides exercise science and fitness studies majors with real-life experience before starting their desired internship. Students are assessed on basic knowledge of skills, client fitness assessments, and their ability to integrate and apply information to training while working with a client towards a better and healthier lifestyle. | Visit Site

IT Training & Education


IT Training offers instructor-led computing workshops and provides self-study training resources to the Indiana University community and beyond. | Visit Site



IUCAT, Indiana University’s online library catalog, which provides access to millions of items held by the IU Libraries statewide. | Visit Site



IUware is a software distribution service for Indiana University students, faculty, and staff. | Visit Site



A JagPerk is a discount that is offered to the members of the IUPUI community by various  local, nationwide and online vendors!. | Visit Site



Provide superior facilities and customer service to support lifetime fitness and aquatic activities by utilizing expertise in event management and instructional/educational programming while continually promoting the campus of IUPUI and Indiana University. | Visit Site

National Institute for Fitness and Sports (NIFS)


The National Institute for Fitness and Sport is dedicated to enhancing human health, physical fitness and athletic performance through research, education and service for people of all ages and abilities. | Visit Site

Travel Discounts


We provide an efficient, cost-effective travel management program to assist University faculty and staff in their quest to be recognized as one of the best teaching and research institutions in the nation. We negotiate favorable rates from travel vendors; consult with departments on travel costs, present training seminars, and audit travel documents. | Visit Site


Academic Handbook

The Academic Handbook for Indiana University describes in detail the policies and procedures set forth to academic appointees on all campuses of the University. | Visit Site

Faculty Constitution

The system of fundamental principles that governs the IUSM faculty. | Visit Site

Grievance Process


A Grievance Committee has been created to provide a means of arbitration of issues before an external process is undertaken. | Visit Site

Intellectual Property (IP) Position

This policy implements the Indiana University “Statement of Principles on Intellectual Property.” The policy has five basic elements: definitions, categories of intellectual property, the distribution of revenues, dispute resolution within the university, and implementation. | Visit Site

IUPUI Faculty Guide

The IUPUI Faculty Guide is provided for faculty of IUPUI as a supplement to the Indiana University system-wide Academic Handbook. The IUPUI Faculty Guide does not duplicate the information already printed in the IU Academic Handbook. | Visit Site

Leave Policies


Vacation, parental leave, sabbatical leave, sick leave, partial leave of absence benefits of faculty are described and defined.. | Visit Site

Professional Standards

The IUSM Core Values and Guiding Principles provide the foundation for a culture of professionalism that direct the daily activities at IUSM. Members of the IUSM are expected to demonstrate their public commitment to the attitudes and behaviors such values engender. | Visit Site

Revised Timeline Review


It is important for faculty to understand the academic advancement timeline for the promotion and tenure process. In addition, the preparation of the dossier must be planned carefully to be submitted and reviewed around the IUSM promotion and tenure schedule. Further, it is prudent to review the explicit criteria for advancement in each distinct academic rank and academic track. | Visit Site

Standards of Excellence


Guidelines for Standards of Excellence in Research, Guidelines for Standards of Excellence in Service, Guidelines for Standards of Excellence in Service, IUPUI Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure. | Visit Site

Industry Relations


The Indiana University School of Medicine recognizes that there are significant opportunities to improve health through working relationships between its faculty and commercial enterprises. It is clear that these relationships need to be well-defined by our institution and that appropriate policies must exist that both guide and govern collaborations between faculty and private industry. | Visit Site

Volunteer Faculty


We welcome volunteer faculty to contribute to our missions of teaching, research, and clinical care.. | Visit Site


Campus Card Services (JagTag Office)

As a support unit of IUPUI, Campus Card Services: Provides students, employees, partners, and guests with official IUPUI identification. Provides a payment card program allowing students, employees and guests the opportunity to make purchases across the campus and at nearby off campus establishments. Provides a discount program whereby showing your Jagtag at participating merchants can result in many opportunities for discounts and special pricing. | Visit Site

Human Resources Administration


HRA staff is available to assist in any way possible. If you need help navigating policy implications some of these resources are tied to or want clarification on hiring guidelines, contact the appropriate HRA staff using the staff list. | Visit Site

IUPUI Campus Map


Also lists Events Calendar, Shuttle Routes, Printable Campus Maps, Accessibility Maps, etc…. | Visit Site

IUPUI Center for Children


An onsite child care center that through the use of individual, small and whole group activities, plus a variety of experiences, encourages children to develop to their full potential.

| Visit Site

IUPUI Parking Service


An auxiliary service unit created to operate, maintain and develop parking facilities. | Visit Site

Office of Academic Affairs


is a multifaceted unit that serves the faculty, academic administration and campus community of IUPUI in matters pertaining to faculty life. FAA touches the lives of faculty from their recruitment and hire, orientation and acclimation, tenure and promotion, sabbatical and other leaves of absence, to post tenure review and retirement.. | Visit Site

Office for Women


Office for Women helps improve the workplace and learning environment for women faculty, staff, and students at IUPUI. | Visit Site


Center for Physician Education (IU Health)

The Center for Physician Education (IU Health) provides information about Cerner, AIDET and other hospital based initiatives and training modules. | Visit Site

Center for Teaching and Learning


The Center for Teaching and Learning has many resources available and many programs scheduled to help you plan your courses and teach effectively. Contact them if you have questions about planning a course, incorporating technology, creating productive research assignments, or using the Web to enhance your course or reach your students at a distance. | Visit Site

Continuing Medical Education


Continuing Medical Education has principal responsibility to respond to the diverse professional development needs of Indiana’s physicians and health care professionals with educational activities that focus on improving patient outcomes. | Visit Site

IUSM Educational Technology


Recent partnership between the IU School of Medicine Ruth Lilly Medical Library and the IUSM Office of Information Services and Technology Management (ISTM) in conjunction with our educational partners in the IUSM Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) and the IUSM Office of Medical Student Affairs (MSA) have led to some changes to enhance technology support services for the upcoming year. | Visit Site

Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development (OFAPD)


Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development (OFAPD) provides a host of workshops, resources, and programs to support faculty throughout their career, including navigating the promotion and tenure system in the School of Medicine. Information about the Academy of Teaching Scholars, which has been developed  to advance the stature, quality, and innovation within all aspects of teaching throughout the school, and the Leadership in Academic Medicine Program (LAMP), a year-long faculty development and orientation program for new faculty, can also be found on the OFAPD site . | Visit Site

Ruth Lilly Medical Library


Ruth Lilly Medical Library strives to work with faculty to make information resources, both print and electric, central to teaching, research and learning at IUSM. Contact your department’s library liaison or begin your connections with the library on its website. | Visit Site


Center for Research and Learning


Center for Research and Learning provides the infrastructure to fund, support, and develop undergraduate research across all disciplines and professional programs. | Visit Site

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)


Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) provides research ethics education to all members of the research community. | Visit Site

OFAPD’s Faculty Development for Research Faculty


OFAPD’s Faculty Development for Research Faculty offers resources and programs especially for research faculty, including Dr. George Gopen’s seminar “Scientific Writing from the Reader’s Perspective” offered each summer and Dr. David C. Morrison’s “Write Winning Grants” workshop offered each fall. | Visit Site

Office of Research Administration


Office of Research Administration supports the IU research community by providing educational sessions on all aspects of the responsible conduct and administration of research, compliance services, grant & contract services and clinical trial contracting. | Visit Site

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research


Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research supports your search for internal and external funding and proposal development. | Visit Site


IUSM Educational Technology


Recent partnership between the IU School of Medicine Ruth Lilly Medical Library and the IUSM Office of Information Services and Technology Management (ISTM) in conjunction with our educational partners in the IUSM Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) and the IUSM Office of Medical Student Affairs (MSA) have led to some changes to enhance technology support services for the upcoming year. | Visit Site

Information Services & Technology Management


Information Services & Technology Management (ISTM) exists to help the IU School of Medicine become one of the nation’s Top Ten medical schools by developing and providing services for students, faculty, and staff. There goal is to provide access to appropriate information regardless of venue or geographic location. | Visit Site


IUware is a software distribution service for Indiana University students, faculty, and staff. | Visit Site

University Information Technology Services


University Information Technology Services is responsible for the continued development of a modern information technology environment throughout the University in support of IU’s vision of excellence in teaching, research, and service. | Visit Site

Clinical Care

More to come

IUSM Faculty Life

Executive Leadership

A list of Deans, Associate Deans, etc… | Visit Site

Faculty/Staff Directory

All components of the directory — including individual and departmental contact information, campus information, and dialing instructions — are available at your fingertips | Visit Site

IUSM Alphabet Soup

IUSM Alphabet Soup is a list of commonly-used university acronyms and their definitions.. | View Doc

IUSM Fast Facts

IUSM Fast Facts is a list of facts and figures about IUSM | Visit Site

IUSM New Employee Packet

IUSM New Employee Packet overviews important procedures such as payroll, computer support, and compliance training | Visit Site

IUSM Resource page

IUSM Resource page offers links to helpful tools, including finding people on campus, campus maps, emergency information and technical assistance. | Visit Site

Ruth Lilly Medical Library


Ruth Lilly Medical Library strives to work with faculty to make information resources, both print and electric, central to teaching, research and learning at IUSM. Contact your department’s library liaison or begin your connections with the library on its website. | Visit Site

Clinical Partners

Affiliated Hospitals

Here you will find a list of affiliated hospitals. | Visit Site

Eskanazi Health (formerly Wishard)

Eskanazi Health, operated by Marion County Health and Hospitals Corporation and managed by IUSM faculty under contract. | Visit Site

IU Health Homepage

Indiana University Health is Indiana’s most comprehensive healthcare system. A unique partnership with Indiana University School of Medicine, one of the nation’s leading medical schools, gives patients access to innovative treatments and therapies. IU Health is comprised of hospitals, physicians and allied services dedicated to providing preeminent care throughout Indiana and beyond. | Visit Site

IU Health Methodist Hospital


IU Health Methodist Hospital, a level one trauma centers and state of the art medical center. | Visit Site

IU Health University Hospital

IU Health University Hospital, a highly specialized adult hospital, cancer and transplant center. | Visit Site

Larue Carter Hospital

Indiana’s State Psychiatric Hospitals serve many roles in their respective communities. They are inpatient treatment units for those who need an intensive level of treatment; they are excellent research facilities for students and professionals in the fields of mental health and addiction; and they are good neighbors in their community, adding to the local economy and culture. | Visit Site

Richard Roudebush VA Medical Center


Richard Roudebush VA Medical Center, part of the US Office of Veterans Affairs. | Visit Site

Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health


Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, Indiana’s only comprehensive pediatric hospital. | Visit Site

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Dual Careers

  • Accompanying partners of newly hired full-time faculty and professional staff

Our Process:

  • Contact the Dual Career Support Liaison (DCSL) as early in the recruitment process as possible. The DCSL can meet with an accompanying partner and/or endeavor to arrange informational interviews for a partner during a recruit’s visit.
  • Complete the Dual Career Services Intake Form to initiate a request for dual career support.
  • The DCSL will contact the accompanying partner in 3-5 business days to set up an initial consultation.
  • The DCSL provides CV/resume review, interview coaching, introductions to Indiana University and Indianapolis-area employers, access to Central Indiana Dual Career Network allies, and opportunities to meet other Indiana University School of Medicine newcomers.
  • The DCSL serves as a job search resource; this not a job placement program and not intended to replace an accompanying partner’s own job search efforts.

Contact Information

Britt Booram, PHR
Executive Search Specialist
Indiana University School of Medicine
Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
340 W. 10th St., Fairbanks 6200
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: 317-278-3088
Connect with me on LinkedIn: