Structuring your Research Paper

Monday, October 8 2018 @ 02:00 PM to 03:30 PM

Regenstrief ,209/210

Presenter(s): Jean-luc Doumont, PhD
Audience: Faculty, Staff, and Learners


Papers are one of the few deliverables of a researcher’s work. A well designed paper is not only more likely to be published, read, and cited, it also allows each reader to select only what he or she needs to read. This lecture shows how to structure research papers, dissertations, and other reports effectively at all levels to get the readers’ attention, facilitate navigation, and thus get the message across optimally to their audiences.

An engineer (Louvain) and PhD in applied physics (Stanford), Jean-luc is acclaimed worldwide for his no-nonsense approach, his highly applicable, often life-changing recommendations on a wide range of topics, and Trees, maps, and theorems, his book about ‘effective communication for rational minds’.

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