Zoom for Instructors

Friday, January 19 2018 @ 03:00 PM to 04:15 PM

Academy of Teaching Scholars Competency: Instructional Technology


Presenter(s): Kimmaree Murday, Madeleine Gonin
Audience: Faculty, Staff, and Learners


Are you interested in having online office hours? Holding class while you are out of town? Inviting a guest speaker from anywhere in the world? Have students record their group meetings or dialogues? Zoom might be just the tool for you. IU faculty, staff, and students can use Zoom, a video conferencing and online collaboration tool, to host meetings that anyone can join.

In this workshop, we will learn how users access their account, schedule, manage and record meetings, as well as how to use Zoom as an effective conferencing tool.

This event is sponsored by the IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning . If you have questions about this event please contact the office at (317) 274-1300 or by email at ctl@iupui.edu.

This event fulfills the Instructional Technology competency for the Academy of Teaching Scholars.