Promotion to Full Professor: A Session for Women Associate Professors

Thursday, February 8 2018 @ 04:30 PM to 06:30 PM

Fairbanks Hall (FS) ,1111

Presenter(s): Mary Dankoski, PhD
Audience: Faculty


IUSM is like many medical schools across the country where there are few women faculty at the full professor rank. This limits the career progression of individual women faculty and also presents barriers to our institutional effectiveness. This session is designed specifically for women faculty at the associate rank to discuss promotion to professor: what it takes, why it matters, tips for the dossier, understanding barriers and how to overcome them. We hope you’ll join us to network with colleagues over wine and cheese while discussing this important topic.

This event is sponsored by the IUSM Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development. If you have questions about this event please contact the office at (317) 278-3089 or by email at