Faculty Enrichment Education Development (FEED): Academic Life Hacks

Tuesday, Apr 24 2018 @ 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM

Fairbanks Hall (FS) ,1109/1111

Presenter(s): Gabe Bosslet, MD
Audience: Faculty and Adminstrators


Faculty life at an academic medical center often entails trying to manage clinical duties, academic scholarship, and, well, life. Finding balance and working smartly within and between these three areas can be challenging. This session will give tangible tips on daily routines, task management, and shortcuts to better juggle all aspects of life as an academician as efficiently as possible.

Learning objectives:

1. Describe the role and importance of monotasking.
2. Understand the role that email management processes has on response time and reducing email waste.
3. Identify helpful skills to improve writing volume when writing is not your primary vocation.

This event is sponsored by the IUSM Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development. If you have questions about this event please contact the office at (317) 278-3089 or by email at ofapd@iu.edu.