Conveying Messages with Graphs

Wednesday, October 11 2017 @ 08:00 AM to 09:30 AM

Research Institute (R2) ,E101

Presenter(s): Jean-luc Doumont, PhD
Audience: Faculty


What’s the right graph for your data? How can a chart help to convey your message?

Although widely used in research to analyze and communicate data, graphs and charts are often poorly mastered by researchers. Based on Dr. Jean-luc Doumont’s popular book, Trees, Maps, and Theorems, this workshop will provide attendees the skills needed to:

  • Select the appropriate type of image for a given data set and research question
  • Optimize a graph’s layout to reveal a study’s outcomes
  • Write a caption that is useful for the researcher and reader

This event is sponsored by the IUSM Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development. If you have questions about this event please contact the office at (317) 278-3089 or by email at