Publications and Presentations

Results of the Faculty Vitality Survey© have been published in To Improve the Academy, Journal of Faculty Development and Advances in Health Science Education.

It has also been presented at meetings of the American Association of Medical Colleges Group on Faculty Affairs (AAMC GFA), the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), and the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education Conference (POD).

What We Learned
In 2011, nearly 40% of the IUSM faculty respondents strongly agreed that mentoring is highly important to academic vitality yet one in four of these faculty reported they do not have a mentor. In response to these findings, OFAPD convened a mentoring task force and developed two programs:

  • The Mentoring Portal. This online portal offers a host of mentoring resources and toolkits for both mentors and mentees. The website can be used as an online step-by-step mentoring relationship planner or as a supplement to individual or departmental mentoring practices.
  • The Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Award. Two awards will be given each year to honor outstanding mentoring work across the institution. The awards will be vetted by the awards committee and granted by the Dean.

Additionally, the 2010 tenure clock extension was an initiative sparked by vitality data as a way to provide faculty, assistant professors in particular, more flexibility in the timing of their review. Since its passage and implementation, it has been cited as a national exemplar of faculty policy reform.